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Tobi Jackson: Our Award-Winning FWISD President


Trusted to Lead by Leaders

We elected Tobi Jackson to school board, but her colleagues elected her to serve as president, choosing her to lead our Fort Worth school board and guide our schools toward greatness. With the leader of the school board advocating for our East Side schools, you know we’re in good hands!


Turning Around Failing Schools

When we first elected Tobi, she immediately went to work improving our schools. Previously half of District 2 schools were failing. Today 87% of our schools are performing at or above standard but Tobi’s not done! She recently helped secure funds to completely remodel Poly, Dunbar, Eastern Hills, and Wyatt High Schools.


Expert Educator, Taxpayer Advocate

A veteran educator, Tobi knows we must support our teachers so they can provide the best education to our kids. She led the effort to pass the largest financial investment in our schools in FWISD history, without raising the tax rate. And she passed tough ethics policies to create greater accountability and transparency for taxpayers. Just last year, TEA named FWISD one of the most financially accountable urban districts in Texas.

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